Our Company

The CoinHub, a privately held company, was founded by Dax Sotero and Robin Lam on July 27, 2017 in efforts to provide instant, reliable, and safe transactions. The CoinHub headquarters is currently located in Miami area. With its main product, smart asset blockchain machines known as “SABM” will not only serve as a an interface between the blockchain network and fiat but also enable individuals to enact self-acting smart contracts.


The CoinHub serves as a smart assets platform with cryptocurrency solution services. Smart assets are a combination of smart contracts on blockchain and digital assets. The CoinHub allows for assets registration, issuance, and exchange. The ultimate goal is enabling people with greater accessibility to the blockchain in instant, reliable, and safe transactions. Essentially, our mission is cryptocurrency in every pocket.



  • Provide direct interactions with the blockchain network.

  • Set up SABMs in across South Florida

  • Provide industry leading low-transaction fees.

  • Provide access to secure exchanges 

  • Increase sales revenues for the business who host our SABMs/set up

  • Provide educational services to our hosts on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency

  • Educate our SABM hosts on how they can enable themselves toreceive payment via cryptocurrency under their own discretion 

  • Provide our SABM users with clear instructions for how to access their digital wallets

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Who We Are 

Both Dax and Robin have been involved with cryptocurrency since 2013. Dax is a former paralegal and legal consultant while Robin is a former Blockchain Engineer and Smart Contract developer.