Smart Asset Blockchain Machines (SABMs)

Our smart asset blockchain machines (SABM) have a similar feel and platform to the typical ATMs most people are used to interacting with. Traditional ATMs allow you to deposit or withdraw cash into your accounts for a transaction fee. With our SABMs, you will be able to exchange your cash for cryptocurrency that will be held in a secure, encrypted digital wallet. These digital wallets essentially store your cryptocurrency as would a regular bank account with fiat currency (USD, etc.) with the added benefit of being much more secure.  People can also access their crypto wallets remotely to check their balances and make transactions as they desire. For any transactions made with our machines, the user will receive a printed receipts that includes instructions for how to access and check their wallet.

Why should your business host a SABM?

Attract more traffic to your business

Our SABMs will be marketed professionally across a variety of platforms that will attract potential customers to your locals.

Enabling hosts to accept payment via cryptocurrency

We will establish close ties to our SABM hosts by enabling their businesses and locales to accept and process payments in the form of cryptocurrency. This provides business owners with much more incentive to host our SABMs over others and to generate profit. Our machines only take up approximately 2x2 ft. and will not cause any sort of disturbance. 


All maintenance and upkeep of SABMs will be performed by The Coin Hub so that our hosts can continue to focus all of their attention on growing their business. We make sure all management is done securely and cash movement will be done with professional third parties such as Brinks to ensure full safety and security. 


Our SABMs will be continuously remotely monitored and include built in features to protect against theft or tampering of any sort. Our ATMs record phone numbers, IDs, and fingerprints customized to financial regulations on purchase amounts. We have a robust AML and KYC policy. 


Both Dax Sotero and Nam Lam have been involved with cryptocurrency since 2013. Nam is a software engineer who has previously worked as “Lead Blockchain Engineer” for Facebook. 


Important Features And Comparisons For SABM Users

Compared to the average transaction fee of approximately 8.8%, The CoinHub offers the lowest fee at 6.5%*. Unlike other cryptocurrency machines, The CoinHubs offers SABMs that allow the individuals to execute self-functioning smart contracts in a smart asset platform. This means that the machine not only acts as an exchange but also as an interface for drafting contracts. The CoinHub intends to attract business owners as its clients in wealthy, secured plazas, malls, or centers. In order to cater to this clientele, The CoinHub will incentivize all clientele with free installation and maintenance for the SABMs. In addition, our initial clientele will receive education on setting up, accepting, and processing cryptocurrency payments under their own discretion.

Transaction Fees

Lower transaction fees than any other SABM on the market. 

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Our SABMs will only provide you with access to the safest cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase (FDIC insured) for instance. 

Premium Locations

The Coin Hub is dedicated to ensuring the safety and privacy of our users and thus will only be partnering with businesses in locations we feel are safe and friendly to our users.